E-Street Torq-Vec Reducer 9075 Specifications

3MO Electric Vehicle Reducers 

Torque 2 x 350 Nm 

E-Street Torq-Vec Reducer 9075


The 3MO 9075 single speed reducer is setup for two E-motors and uses torque vectoring technology for outstanding performance.

This high quality reducer can handle up to 350Nm or roque input from each of two E-motors and in standadard configuration can accomodate 16,000 RPM. With an optional upgrade, the RPM limit can be raised to 20,000 RPM.

Bespoke input shafts can be provided to suit a range of popular E-motors. 

The 3MO 9075 multi E-motor torque vectoring reducer has been in the market since 2020 and is well proven in hypercar applications.


Street – Hypercars


Two E-Motors – Torque Vectoring – Reliability




  • Single speed reducer for two E-motor configuration
  • Torque vectoring technology
  • Billet CNC or Cast case
  • Helical gears for quiet operation
  • Maximum torque 350Nm on each of two E-motors
  • Maximum RPM 16,000 in standard configuration with an option to increase to 20,0000 RPM
  • Gear ratio 5.667 with a range of others available on request 
  • Internal mechanical oil pump and filter 
  • Built in temperature sensor 
  • Bespoke input shaft to suit a range of popular E-motors
  • No Park Lock facility