E-Street Planetary Reducer 9089 Specifications

3MO Electric Vehicle Reducers 

Torque 400 Nm 

E-Street Planetary Reducer 9089



 The 3MO 9089 in-line planetary reducer has been designed for the Street where quiet operation and long life are must haves. This single speed reducer for rear wheel drive setups has proved popular for conversions where ICE  (internal combustion engines) are pulled out and replaced with an energy efficient electric solution.

The planetary technology combined with helical gears provides both long life of 20,000 hours, and quiet running operation. With a ability to offer a bespoke input shaft and output flange to suit, these reducers are popular with the conversion community.



Street – Conversions


Long Life – Efficiency



  • Reducer for in-line mounted single E-motor 
  • Single Speed
  • For rear wheel drive setups
  • Cast case
  • Maximum E-motor torque 400 Nm and 140 kW
  • Maximum RPM 10,000
  • Planetary Gear seup for long 20,000 hour lifetime 
  • Ratio 4 
  • Helical gears for quiet operation
  • Splash Lubrication
  • Bespoke input and output depending on customer needs
  • No Park Lock facility
  • 14 kg