Oil Coolers

Two elements critical to helping your sequential gearbox survive the immense forces they are subjected to in race conditions are the right lubrication and secondly, keeping the oil at a working temperature of between 100-110 degrees C. For this reason, every HGT Precision Sequential Transmission comes fitted with a  Bosch Oil temp sensor mounted in the rear of the gearbox which allows you to monitor the temperature.

Wire the Bosch sensor to your ECU and Oil pump, setting your ECU to turn the Oil Pump on at 110 degrees C and off at 100 degrees C

There are huge variations in oil cooler performance from low cost/ low-efficiency versions to high-efficiency brands like PWR, MOCAL and SETRAB. You will need an oil cooler with AN8 fittings capable of removing 18,000 BTU/hr. To work efficiently the cooler must be placed directly in the airflow up front, or if in the trunk of the racecar, a shroud and fan will be needed to channel and pull air through the cooler. More information here or ask us if not sure.