Multi function programmable Motorsport displays.

The HGT Engineering multi function programmable motorsport displays have category leading features.

Our HGT displays work with ALL brands of sequential gearboxes and sequential transmissions and are user programmable to suit individual preferences.

The display casings are CNC milled from Billet 6061 alloy and then anodized satin black to minimize reflections and markings.

LCD technology is used for a crisp, sharp and vivid display as racers need information presented in an easy to see and fast to interpolate manner. The display is dimmable for low light conditions with this feature being easily selected by race drivers on the move.

The displays show up to 7 forward gears as well as Neutral (N) and Reverse (R). Transmission Temperature is also displayed in either Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C) per driver preference.

With screen color option of Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, White and Turquoise, there are 49 different combinations for the background and numbers allowing drivers to personalize the look and feel of their display. Simply put, there’s a color combination for everyone’s liking.

Knowing when to change gears in a race is critical and this multi function display makes it easy. In the setup process, the desired Shift RPM is programmed in.

When the user defined RPM is reached, the screen background (except the gear position number) turns solid Red and then flashes Red indicating its time to shift gears.

There are two types of mounting options in the links below that will cater for most setups:

In Bulkhead – Download Data SheetOn Dashboard – Download Data Sheet

The display kit comes with a Motorsport quality labeled and terminated loom that for HGT Precision Transmission customers is plug and play. One plug clips onto the transmission temperature sensor (Bosch) and the other plug connects to the Gear Position Sensor.

For other brands of Sequential Transmissions, if the manufacturer doesn’t use a Deutsche style plug on their gear position sensor and a Bosch Motorsport Temperature Sensor, then some simple wiring may be needed. Wiring diagrams, a programming cable to connect to your Windows 7+ laptop via the USB port, a cable driver and software are all included in the package.

So no matter which brand of Sequential Transmission you own or are planning on buying; HGT has the best Gear Position – Gearbox Temperature and Shift Light Display in the market. Our displays are priced attractively at just US$395 + UPS shipping at cost, and are available from our global network of HGT Engineering dealers, or online via our website.