About HGT

HGT Engineering specializes in design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Motorsport related products and services.

Our Services include:

  • Product design and manufacturing for external companies.
  • Design and Engineering for HGT Engineering branded products.
  • Marketing and Sales for a range of global Motorsport brands.

Our Product range includes:

Focus on 3MO Performance

Based in France, 3MO Performance was founded in 2008 as a result of the passion and know-how of Stéphane Rogeon; an engineer in the automotive sector and Rally Driver for more than 20 years. This specialist automotive racing transmission company grew quickly based on solid industrial skills and resources, strong technological and engineering knowledge and the undeniable experience and passion for Motorsport and the Automotive industry. 

In 2015, 3MO acquired a foundry to improve the quality, flexibility and above all control the supply of its motorsport transmission casings. The addition of the foundry has enabled 3MO to scale production whilst maintaining supply of consistent high quality cast parts, on time and on specification. 

Today 3MO has 65+ motivated and talented employees who produce around 1000 high quality Motorsport gearboxes per annum, which are sold via their 10 Global Dealers.

HGT Engineering are proud to be the exclusive distributor for 3MO Performance transmission products in the USA, Canada, Asia (excluding China), Australia and New Zealand.

The highly qualified 3MO team has outstanding materials and engineering knowledge which when combined with access to a wide range of resources, enables them to develop reliable motorsport products with quality that exceeds customer expectations. Today 3MO creates and manufactures gearbox solutions for some of the most prestigious public and private companies in the world. As proof of their ongoing innovation and development, 3MO Performance have supplied transmission solutions to Global OEM’s, Aviation, Military and Formula 1 segments.

When it comes to Motorsport, reliability is paramount…as to finish first, first you must finish! As a testament to 3MO ‘s product reliability; there are many teams  competing in the famous Paris to Dakar rally and International 24 Hour endurance circuit race events who choose 3MO Performance gearboxes to improve the reliability of their race programs.

3MO Performance ICE Sequential Gearbox range:

HGT Engineering has 3MO Sequential gearboxes for sale to discerning motorsport performance specialists. 

EV – Electric Vehicles                                                                                             

Mobility demands continue to evolve rapidly. As such 3MO have moved with the times and are also an innovative designer and manufacturer of electric vehicle transmissions solutions for the Electric Vehicle market. 3MO Performance EV transmissions are designed and manufactured 100% inhouse and can currently be seen in Race and Street vehicles.

In the EV Race segment, 3MO Performance products run in Open Wheel and Saloon vehicles participating in Circuit, Hillclimb, Rally and Off Road Motorsport disciplines. 3MO technology drives the Off Road vehicles in the Extreme-E series which began in 2021. Nine global teams started the event in Saudi Arabia finishing in England with a star-studded driver list putting humans and machinery up against some of toughest racing conditions imaginable.

When it comes to the Street, 3MO has developed a compelling range of EV products catering for most segments in this rapidly growing market. 3MO EV products are now supplied as standard fitment to a Global OEM brand. The products include:

  • Single Electric Motor Reducers
  • Twin Electric Motor Reducers
  • Torque Vectoring Reducers
  • Planetary Reducers

These are fitted to a wide range of vehicles including:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Super Cars
  • Vans
  • Buses

There will be other exciting Global brands added to our portfolio soon that will assist in positioning HGT Engineering as THE “one stop shop” for high quality, reasonably priced ICE and EV Driveline Solutions.

Sales without support is meaningless – count on HGT Engineering’s unwavering and strong commitment to timely service and support for the products we design, make, market, and sell.