We have a transmission bellhousing to suit most of the popular race and performance engines.

Whilst some say that “any old bell housing will work” or “I’ll buy one from my local guy – he’s cheap and cheerful”; this is one of the most critical parts in the whole drivetrain setup. The front and rear-facing plates must be 100% parallel, centres must be perfectly aligned, and bolt holes must be drilled in exactly the right position and at exactly the right angle. Many so-called “gearbox problems” are actually the result of poorly built, machined or drilled bell housings. Misalignment of just 10 microns can be sufficient to cause premature bearing failure or abnormal shaft or internal wear. It’s simply not worth trying to “save a little” when there’s a sizable sequential gearbox investment at stake. HGT Engineering bell housings are engineered and manufactured to handle race loadings and come with instructions to make the installation simple. As is standard practice in the racing industry; we highly recommend you index your bellhousing to the engine crankshaft to ensure the centrelines of both are perfectly aligned. It only needs to be done once.

HGT Engineering Alloy bellhousings are engineered using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which allows us to model and understand where the stresses and loads are, and test them in computer modelling before production begins. This allows us to manufacture strong robust bellhousings that don’t flex or crack with the extreme loads that racing applications put components under. You can read more about FEA here

HGT bellhousings are made from high-quality virgin alloy (not recycled) and are heat-treated for additional strength and rigidity. 

Most HGT Bellhousings feature our “Patented”Vernier Bell technology which eliminates the need for offset dowels as the adjustability is built right into the Bellhousing. These will work with most GM Muncie front-faced gearboxes like G-Force, Andrews, Jerico, RTS, Tex Racing, T-101, T5, TKO 500, TKO 600, TKX, TTi manual gearboxes and of course HGT Engineering Sequential Transmissions.Our patented HGT Vernier Bellhousing technology eliminates hard-to-use offset dowels, improves gearbox shifting ease, promotes even loading of the gears and bearings, reduces clutch wear and frees up horsepower. LEARN MORE.

We are developing a range of bell housings to suit the 3MO Performance TXL, TXB, ETV, LC776 and FTX sequential gearboxes eliminating the need for adapter plates.

HGT Engineering is continually developing new bellhousings, if your requirement isn’t listed, just ask…we can probably accommodate you. Note that we also offer a range of high-performance car transmission parts and accessories.