E-Race Pro Reducer 9060 Specifications

3MO Electric Vehicle Reducers 

Torque 400 Nm – 2300 Nm

E-Race Pro Reducer – 9060


 The 3MO E-Racing Reducer 9060 is designed for single speed single motor setups like the Nismo Leaf RC and other performance E-Race vehicles. It has a wide range of over 40 ratios to choose from and can handle 16,000 rpm and 400Nm in the standard format. This is a well proven and sorted package designed and built with reliability in mind.


Circuit – Rally – Hillclimb


Reliability – Performance – Efficiency



  • Reducer for transversely mounted single E-motor 
  • Single speed
  • Torque capacity of 400 Nm to 2300 Nm depending on gear ratio chosen
  • 45 gear ratios to choose from ranging from 3.21 to 9.0
  • Straight cut gears as standard with an option for Helical gears if required
  • 220mm / 8.7″ gear centreline 
  • Maximum 16,000 RPM with an option to increase to 20,000 RPM
  • Dry sump lubrication with 2 oil pumps feeding internal circuits with 2 filter cartridges with an internal oil tank 
  • EvoTFJ self locking differential
    • removable cluster differential 
    • positive preload is externally adjustable
  • CNC or Cast casing depending on customer requirements and volume required
  • Spacers and input shafts to suit a range of popular E-motors
  • Pressure and Temperature sensor bosses built in as standard with optional sensors
  • No Park Lock facility 
  • 22.5 kg