E-Race Club Reducer 9079 Specifications

3MO Electric Vehicle Reducers 

Torque 400 Nm – 2300 Nm

E-Race Club Reducer – 9079



This compact and lighweight single speed EV reducer is designed for transversely mounted single motors and is ideally suited for entry level Electric Race Cars like T3, F4 etc. It can also be used on a hybrid axle with a 4WD race vehicle.

The 3MO eDSF 9079 reducer was first launched in September 2020 so is well proven on the European race tracks. 


Circuit – Hillclimb


Weight – Size – Efficiency



  • Reducer for transversely mounted single E-motor 
  • Single speed
  • Maximum torque 400Nm to 2300Nm depending on the gear ratio chosen
  • 54 gear ratio combinations ranging from 2.541 to 10.549
  • Straight cut gears are standard with an option for Helical cut gears 
  • Maximum 12,500 rpm in standard format with an option to increase to 20,000 rpm
  • Splash lubrication
  • LSD or Spool
  • Tripod housing or Lobro D108
  • Cast casing
  • No Park Lock facility
  • Spacers and input shaft receptors to suit a range of popular E-motors
  • 20 kg