3MO & HGT Engineering Race Car Transmission Parts & Accessories

 Race car parts and accessories for sequential gearboxes and transmissions; gear shift levers with multiple adjustments for throw and leverage, full bridge strain gauge shift cut knobs for no-lift full throttle clutchless upshifts or flat shifting and auto blipped rev matched downshifts, clutch release bearings with shims for push type clutches, gearbox breather kits, fixed yokes and slip yokes, universal fully programmable gear position displays with gearbox temperature display and built in shift light, vernier adjustable bellhousings for perfect alignment that eliminate the need for offset dowels, universal professional and clubman paddle shift solutions with compressor, accumulator with automated purge system, strong lightweight carbon fibre base and paddles with magnetic switches, momentary switches and 12 position greyhill rotary switches wired and ready to connect to your ECU, deutsch connectors, super quick acting valve bodies and pneumatic actuators.

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