NZ PERFORMANCE CAR - December 2023

HGT Engineering are delighted to introduce the range of 3MO Performance Sequential Gearboxes and EV transmission solutions to the New Zealand Motorsport community.


Based in France, 3MO Performance was founded in 2008 emerging from a company that was designing and fabricating thermoplastic injection moulds. They expanded to provide machining, engineering services, project management and medium sized manufacturing of injection moulded articles. Given the skill sets in the company and the passion of the founders for Rallying, the company diversified into Motorsport and the first 3MO Performance Sequential Gearboxes were designed and sales began in Europe.

TODAY 3MO Performance has three factories and their own foundry enabling complete in house control of all products - design, manufacturing, final assembly and testing. Their high quality and vast range of transmissions are used in Automotive OEM’s, EV Super Cars, ICE & EV Motorsport Teams, Motorsport Privateers, the Military with hybrid interceptor vehicles for the Army & electric transmissions for the Navy) and the Aviation segment (horizontal propeller drones). 

3MO has a wide range of transmission solutions for:

3MO Performance sequential transmissions for sale - as used in F1, Paris-Dakar, Monte Carlo, Extreme-E, E-Blast, OT3 ; the Liger, Revolution, Alpine and BMW Mini racing series in Europe along with many others.  In 2023, 3MO sold over 1500 ICE Sequential Gearboxes, and many thousands of Electric Vehicle reducer / EV Driveline solutions. Alternative energy transmission solutions have become such a large part of the business that a dedicated factory for EV’s was opened in 2018 to manufacture the range of fixed ratio and multispeed EV reducers.

You can learn more about 3MO Performance in the video below.


In the traditional ICE Motorsport segment, 3MO offers sequential gearboxes for both transverse and longitudinally mounted engines used in:

Here in New Zealand, HGT Engineering are offering eleven of the 3MO Performance ICE Transmissions in the 6 Speed Sequential gearbox format:

  •  Front Wheel Drive or Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive
    • 280 Nm
    • 500 Nm
  • Inline Rear Wheel Drive
    • 600 Nm Lighweight @ 27Kgs     (1000 Nm in Drifting applications)
    • 600 Nm with Drop Gear system (1000 Nm in Drifting applications)
    • 900 Nm with Drop Gear system (1500 Nm in Drifting applications)
  • Transaxle Rear Wheel Drive
    • 450 Nm
    • 650 Nm
    • 700 Nm
  • Four Wheel Drive (generic)
    • 600 Nm
    • 700 Nm
    • 900 Nm

....as well as the full range EV Reducer solutions for Motorsport and Street.

Do check out the rest of our website and if you have questions or would like more information, please call Richard Fleming on 021-155-0999 or click on the link below.

3MO Performance Electric Vehicle Reducer

3MO Performance 6 Speed Sequential Transmissions for sale

3MO Performance TXL Ultralight 6 SPeed Sequential Gearbox for sale

3MO Performance FTX transaxle Sequential Gearboxes for sale