3MO LC7766 EVO Front Wheel Drive Transmissions Specifications


Torque 280 Nm / 210 lb-ft

FWD 280 Ultralight 6 Speed


 3MO LC7766 EVO Ultralight 37 kg 6 Speed Front Wheel Drive Sequential Transmissions is an economic, reliable and efficient Front Wheel Drive gearbox solution. This transmission is designed for 1000cc to 2000cc naturally aspirated engines or small capacity turbo engines producing maximum torque of 235-280 Nm or 175-210 lb-ft depending on the final drive ratio used.

The limited slip differential is the standard 3MO system with discs and ramps. The LSD offers 8 friction faces with 45° or 60° ramps working with low preload (60 to 80 N.m) making it easy to drive, whilst remaining efficient.  The average-lead time from deposit to shipping readiness is usually 6 weeks. The main shaft and lay shaft centre distance is 77mm with the pinion width being 14mm. There are 5 final drive ratio options to choose from creating a solution for most motorsport applications using transverse mounted engines producing 230-280 Nm.

With 15 different engine adapter plates available, it’s not surprising that there are over 400 of the 3MO LC776 EVO efficient, lightweight, cost effective, sequential transmissions racing around the world today. We have 3MO sequential transmissions for sale, contact us today.


Circuit – Rally – Hillclimb


Economic – Size – Efficiency




  • 6 Speed Sequential Transmission
  • Maximum Engine Torque 235 Nm (175 lb-ft – short final drive) to 280 N.m (210 lb-ft – long final drive)
  • 14mm /0.669″ gear width and 77mm / 3.03″ shaft centre line distance
  • 5 final drive ratio options
  • Self-locking differential with 8 friction faces, 45° or 60° ramp angles 
  • Splash lubrication
  • Input shaft length and spline to suit customer needs
  • Hydraulic clutch release with 52mm bearing
  • 0-5V gear position sensor
  • Lock out cable for reverse gear
  • 37 kg / 81 lb


Final Drive RatiosGear RatiosGear Position
Ultra Short 12 x 564.6613 x 403.08     
Short13 x 564.3113 x 31 2.38    
Medium14 x 553.9315 x 291.93    
Long15 x 533.5315 x 241.60   
Ultra Long16 x 533.3118 x 251.39   
   18 x 221.22   


  • Bell housings and Adaptor plates
  • Mounting kit
  • Gear lever
  • Shift Cut Knob for Gear Lever
  • Paddle Shift Solutions
  • Breather Kit 
  • Programmable gear position display
  • Hydraulic feeder release clutch tubes kit
  • Clutch cover & disc
  • Flywheel
  • Starter Motor
  • Output flanges / CV Joints
  • Drive Shafts- custom made 28mm maximum
  • Clutch – 184mm maximum


  • The gearbox is compatible with OEM 41 spline output flanges from Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper
  • A minimum 0.7″ master cylinder can be installed on your original clutch pedal.
  • There is no slave cylinder stop, so a pedal mechanical stop is necessary.
  • Must use 75w140 fully synthetic lubricant – Motul Gear Competition is highly recommended
  • Oil Capacity is 1.5L excluding lines and cooler